Puppsie Cooler Ltd


Delivering the very best in studio and
location catering, from initial development
through to full scale production.

Our film and television location catering consists
of sourcing fresh ingredients, expertise cooking
with professional chefs and front of house
serving for all cast and crew.

Our logistical skills can deliver this in any terrain,
weather or location for any production.

We communicate and prioritize before and during principal filming,
so we can deliver our services seamlessly with your production schedule. Every aspect of the daily call sheet will be met ensuring
all meals, beverages, breaks and snacks are in the right place at the right time, yet retaining the ability to change anything or everything at a moments notice.

Our chefs cater for individual artists or cast and crew from 50
covers a day to 550 covers a day. Supporting artists (crowd) catering of up to 1500 per day along with 2nd units and splinter units.
We deliver this service to you at an affordable budget which guarantees you peace of mind.

We provide our chefs with top end equipment that is regularly serviced and maintained, this enables them to concentrate on their cooking, resulting in great food.

World class, cutting edge, fresh location catering.